Soil Mechanics is of utmost importance, moreover since it the basis of foundation and super structure designs. That’s where our well equipped Soil Mechanics Lab solves the requirements.
Based in Visakhapatnam, our computerized Soil Mechanics laboratory is operated by able and well experienced engineers and technicians who arrive at legitimate conclusions via lab tests on soil, rock and water.

Following are few major testing’scarried out at our laboratory:

Tests On Soil Samples

• Natural Moisture Content
• Wet & Dry Density
• Sieve Analysis
• Hydrometer Analysis
• Atterberg limits
 Liquid Limit
 Plastic Limit
 Shrinkage Limit
• Specific Gravity
• Free Swell Index
• Swelling Pressure
• Lab Vane Shear
• Tor Vane
• Min ivane
• Pocket Penetrometer
• Triaxial Test
• Unconsolidated Undrained
• Consolidated Undrained with pore
• Consolidated drained
• Pressre measurement
• Direct Shear Test
• Consolidation Test
• Unconfined Compressive Strength
• Permeability Test (Constant Head and Falling Head)
• Light energy compaction
• Heavy energy compaction
• CBR Tests
• Chemical Analysis

Tests on Rock Samples
• Point Load Index
• Porosity & Water Absorption
• Unconfined Compressive Strength
• Dry Density
• Specific Gravity
• Modulus of Elasticity
• Poison’s ratio
• Brazilian Test
Tests On Water Samples
• pH
• Sulphate
• Chlorid
• Dry Density